FAQ’s asked by Schools. You’ll find below the questions we get asked the most often. If you’ve a question that’s not covered, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

How does my school get involved with Independent Tennis and the GIYM support?

Contact us directly. Our number and email are on the Contact Us page.

Which areas does the programme cover? 

We are based in Hertfordshire and work in the following areas: Borehamwood, Welwyn and Hemel Hempstead.

What’s the benefit to pupils at our school?

Tennis as part of a broad and balanced sports curriculum is a great way to teach agility, balance and co-ordination. It provides pupils with the physical literacy they need for an active life.

Do you provide curriculum time sessions?

Yes we provide sessions to fit your school’s schedule.

Do you provide School Clubs?

Yes, we provide Breakfast Clubs and Lunchtime Clubs. After School Clubs are more limited as our tennis coaches tend to be working in their own respective tennis clubs at that time.

Is there a cost for the sessions?

Yes and no – there are several options:

  1. Free curriculum time sessions. This is for schools with a 25% + pupil premium as the programme is funded by GIYM.
  2. Curriculum-time sessions funded through the school budget.
  3. School Breakfast Clubs, Lunchtime Clubs or After School Clubs paid for by pupils.